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Do you want a clear path to the life you truly desire?

This is life coaching for the woman who knows her life is good but believes her life can be truly exceptional.

Get a life coach and get the results you want.

You’re smart, educated and already pretty successful. You have a good life, but you want it to be exceptional. You’ve always had this feeling ~ this thought ~ repeating that there has to be more to life than this. That you were meant to do more with your life; you were meant to make an impact.

You see other successful women and want to be doing what they’re doing. You feel that pull of greatness and then get caught up in your busy life and believing you’re just not good enough. Fear, doubt and anxiety pull you away from want you want most ~ to be the CEO of your life.

You want to stop putting your dreams on the back burner.

You're in the right place.

6~Months Coaching

I will support you in redefining your life, building a new life vision, planning career or entrepreneurial goals, personal development and health targets, with ongoing mentoring to adopt healthy mindsets and daily routines.

1. You're ready to take control of your life and build the life you know you're capable of living.
2. You are motivated to leave behind old patterns, mindsets, and paradigms.
3. You're ready to invest in yourself both spiritually and financially.
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I'm your kind of coach if: 

You want an exceptional life and want to partner with a visionary coach who has been in your shoes.

Investment: $2,000   18 sessions

my signature framework


We'll begin by exploring where you are now and what you want most for your life. By redefining areas of your life, we'll shift your perspective, cultivate possibility, and rebuild confidence in your ability to follow your intuition and take control of your life.


We'll strategize and cultivate new foundations to build more calm, ease and simplicity into your life while still achieving the ambitious life goals you have.

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Curate the daily routines, practices, and mindsets to shift your life and have long-term success in reaching your life vision.

Our Manifesto:

“you did not wake up today to be mediocre.”

what my clients are saying...

real results


“I loved my time being coached. I looked forward to every session. Michelle listened to me, and together we created an achievable plan based on my personal ideas and dreams.”

I realized that I needed to make changes for myself and look after myself, and this does not have to be as challenging as it sounds. I realized it just takes time to look at where I can set aside a little bit of time to do the things I love and that those small things can significantly impact my life. It brought me so much joy when I created lists of things I wanted to do and encouraged me to re-ignite my passions.

- Delilah

stephanie learned to slow down

“I have become more aware of myself, my surroundings, and what I want and don’t want in my life.”

I am so grateful that I was led to you for coaching. You have definitely added to my life and knowledge of how to reach my goals and live the life I have always wanted. I take what I have learned with you in other areas of my life too. I would recommend you to anyone and have already!!!

- Stephanie

iryna found more calm and ease in her life

“I’ve been consistent with my meditation practice, and it has helped me stay more focused and grounded in all areas of my life.”

Michelle was a fantastic coach with a remarkable ability to listen and hold space. She knew when to encourage and support me and when to point out my negative thinking patterns and instances when I’m being hard on myself or rushing/pushing myself too much. Michelle is very focused and goal-oriented and helped me get clear and organized about my actions and way forward. 

- Iryna

ready to stop settling?

LET'S create a beautiful life together.

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