Discover why I became a life coach, what I can do for you, and a few of the things I enjoy most in life.

life coaching for the ambitious woman

you have a good life, but you want it to be exceptional.

throw away thoughts like I'm not good enough

This is life coaching for the woman who knows her life is good but believes her life can be truly exceptional.

You’re smart, educated and already pretty successful. You have a good life, but you want it to be exceptional. You’ve always had this feeling ~ this thought ~ repeating that there has to be more to life than this. That you were meant to do more with your life; you were meant to make an impact.

But you’re realizing that the hustle of your outwardly successful life has brought a lot of burnout, stress, and dissatisfaction. 

"There has to be more to life
than this."

You see other successful women and want to be doing what they’re doing. You feel that pull of greatness, and then get caught up in your busy life and believing you’re just not good enough. Fear, doubt and anxiety pull you away from want you want most ~ to be the CEO of your life. You want to stop putting your dreams on the back burner.

That’s where I come in...

We'll work together to help you get a handle on your calendar, bring your dreams back into focus, put practices in place to simplify and slow down life, and get you living the life you know you are capable of living.

Now really about me....


Slow mornings, time in the countryside, good skincare, Spotify, yoga, local cafe's and really great shoes.

founder & life coach

When I’m not encouraging women to embrace their inner power and take control of their lives, I’m writing about financial wellbeing, messaging someone a book recommendation, planning my next luxury adventure, and checking out the latest fashion editorials in Vogue or Harper’s Bazaar.

But there's so much more to my story than that...

Former Corporate Account Manager, Lover of Beautiful Things (Taurus), Personal Development Enthusiast, Obsessed with Possibility and Showing Others What They're Capable Of.



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In fact, just seven years ago, you would have found me in heels and a stylish designer dress, strutting from client call to client call in Toronto, marching my way to the six-figure career I thought I wanted. I thought I had made it, that my goal of becoming a VP was right around the corner, but that dream turned into 60+ hour work weeks, burnout, exhaustion, coming home stressed and in tears and questioning what on earth I was doing.

At the age of 40, I was laid off from the successful 16-year sales career I had painstakingly built. I made the life-altering decision to use the layoff as a chance to go it on my own and figure out what my next chapter would be.

Little did I know this blessing in disguise would lead me on a journey of self-discovery, self-love, embracing the spiritual side of life, and redefining what life and success looked like for me.

That one decision took me on a magical 1600-mile solo road trip of California, through a journey of finding myself and my purpose, a blip of a rough patch when I met my shadow side, and a part-time job that quite literally gave me a Ph.D. in human psychology and a big lesson in what success truly looks like. Today, you can find me in my chic home office in a cute small town outside Toronto, building my life coaching business with my cat Maggie curled up beside me.

I’m a visionary coach who's done it all - career, marriage (and divorce), weight loss, entrepreneurship, successes, failures, and who's lived a full life - I can show you the steps to take in building a cohesive, manageable, and meaningful lifestyle. My life experience is enhanced by higher education - a BA in Marketing, several digital marketing certifications, and I'm a graduate of the Beautiful You Coaching Academy.

my story

I wasn’t always an entrepreneur, writer, and life coach on this tumultuous path of self-discovery… 


a few things



red > white,
every time. just me?


a little obsessed with my cat, MAGGIE


happiest by the ocean. Hawaii is my second home.


i splurge on perfume, skincare, and organic, whole foods. i love beautiful things.

All about

Slow mornings, time in the countryside, great skincare, Spotify, cultivating financial health, effortless elegance
and embodying a life of less but better.


Hustle culture, artificial people, burn out, people-pleasing, the status quo, comparison, settling, boring anything.

agree? we're probably a great fit.


A lot changed in two years...
Divorced at 35, read eat, pray, love
Took up tennis and cycling
First solo trip EVER. Paris French Open
lost 30 pounds & got fit


changed jobs
published in Toronto life
spent christmas in new york
launched my first blog, budget bloggess


fincon new orleans


read my first self-help book, the law of divine compensation and was hooked!
hired a career coach


tried a no spend year
embraced simple living & minimalism
started my business as a side hustle
first ever tv appearance (yikes!)
spoke at credit education week
canadian personal finance conference


humble beginnings!

see, dreams do come true!

A look back

Here's the timeline of my most transformational moments.

turned 40 and fabulous!
relaunched my blog as "the classy simple life"
1600-mile solo road trip of california
quit 9-5 to launch my own business
discovered gabby b and manifesting
spoke at millennial money meetup


kept my head down and did the work!
discovered numerology


joined Bschool to boost my business
began my journey to becoming a life coach


spent the year doing deep inner work
officially became a beautiful you life coach (BYCA)


left my part-time job to build my business
spent a month in hawaii
my first coaching clients!
hit 5-figures in my business


this is when things started to change!

what a year, eh?

ready to level up?

let's redefine life together.

Take back control and reimagine your life. Master the art of success, embrace your inner power, and reconnect with your purpose in personalized 1:1 life coaching.



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